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Each athlete within our registration system must have a completed waiver on file. Once you upload your roster you can add the parent/guardian email of each athlete. The waiver will be sent for the parent to digitally sign. You are able to check wavier status by opening up your current registration. All athletes must have a waiver prior to entering the warm-up area. This waiver is good for the entire season. 


Preliminary Schedules will be released 1.5 weeks prior to an event to the email used during registration. Any updates to roster or division can be made up to 1 week prior. Any changes made after 1 week prior to competition will result in a $100 charge.

Music Guidelines

Top of the World does not take any responsibility for the Copyright of your team’s music.
*All music must be recorded on a high-quality CD, downloaded onto an MP3 device OR I-Phone.
​* USB drives are not permitted.
*It is your music reps responsibility to start/pause the music
1. It is NOT recommended to play music from YouTube or other streaming services. Music may stop due to lack of signal strength at venue.
2. Device MUST have headphone jack, free and clear of any debris. Any team using a device without a headphone jack (IPhone 7 and higher) must provide their own certified adapter. Any 3rd party adapter that is not recognized by the device causing music interruption will be the fault of the team.
3.Make sure your device is prepared before you get to the DJ booth. Please make sure that the case is removed from device, fully charged, lock screen off, low power mode off, volume on high and set to airplane mode. If these items are not complete we cannot guarantee that your team gets to perform again if the music gets interrupted.

Routine Interruption

At any time during a competition a coach, judge, music representative, or injured athlete themselves may stop a routine due to an injury or sickness on the floor. The team will be allowed to perform again but performance time will be at the discretion of the Event Producer. The injured athlete has to be cleared by Medical Personnel at the event, Parent/Guardian, and Head Coach or Gym Owner of the athlete

Cancellation Policy

● A $100/team deposit is required at the time of registration to hold your spot.

● All deposits are non-refundable. ● All team cancellations must be submitted in writing two (2) weeks prior to event date ● Any cancellations made after the event specified final payment due date are NON-REFUNDABLE. ● Cancellations will not be accepted, processed, or refunded if a cancellation notification was not received in the designated time period.



We will do our best to allow 15-20 minutes between performance times for crossovers. This is not a guarantee. We cannot hold the awards ceremonies for the scheduling of crossover or coaches that crossover between teams. Please review the times prior to make accommodations for your teams.

Coaches receive score results via e-mail 15 to 20 minutes after the team exits the floor. The results will only be shared with the 2 coaches who’s email is attached to the performing teams roster in the Reg Champ Registration System.
Should you have any questions regarding deductions or difficulty you can reach out to your registration specialist and schedule to speak with the Head Judge. No other part of the score sheet will be reviewed. Only 1 person (coach, director, or owner) will be allowed to speak with the Head Judge.



Age Grid and Divisions

Top of the World follows The OPEN guidlines for ages and divisions. To view the 2023-2024 Age Grid and Divisions click the link below:

2023-2024 Age Grid/Divisions (


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